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Adv. Ashish Deshpande


Partner | Deshpande & Co.

Advocate Ashish Deshpande is a seasoned legal professional and a Partner at Deshpande and Co. | Advocates, a prominent law firm based in Mumbai. With over years of enriching experience, he has made a significant mark in the field of civil litigation, co-operative, corporate, and property matters, extending his legal expertise across the dynamic legal landscapes of Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi.
Ashish Deshpande embarked on his legal career with a passion for delivering comprehensive legal solutions. His diverse experience spans various legal domains, showcasing versatility and adaptability in handling complex legal matters.

Notable Work:

Practice Areas:

As a Partner at Deshpande and Co. | Advocates, Ashish plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of the law firm. His contributions to the firm’s reputation and client satisfaction underscores his commitment to legal excellence.
Advocate Ashish Deshpande brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to Deshpande and Co. | Advocates, contributing significantly to the firm’s success and reputation in the legal community. His multifaceted expertise makes him a trusted legal advisor for clients seeking effective and strategic legal solutions.

Advocate Sushrita Daga

BLS LLB, Expertise in Forensic Science and Criminology

Partner | Deshpande & Co.

Adv. Sushrita Daga is a seasoned legal professional with expertise in criminal and family law litigation. As a Partner at Deshpande and Co, a prestigious law firm based in Mumbai, she demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication in handling complex legal matters. She is exceptional lawyer conducting criminal trials in Sessions Courts as well as Metropolitan Magistrate Courts

Practice Areas:

Notable Cases:

Sushrita Daga has assisted various esteemed senior Advocate in various high criminal matters, including:

(Retired Judge) Advocate Shirish Gadge - A Legal Luminary with a 30- Year Legacy

Consultant, BLS LLB LLB PHD

Consultant |Deshpande & Co.

Advocate Shirish Gadge, Retd. Judge, a visionary legal expert with over three decades of profound experience across diverse legal domains. Born on 28th May 1965, Mr. Shirish Gadge stands as a stalwart in the legal landscape, making impactful contributions to Constitutional, Civil, Insurance, Criminal, Banking, Financial Institutions, and various other legal spheres.
Adv Shirish Gadge currently serves as the General Manager (Retainer) and Head of the Legal Department at Ashoka Buildcon Ltd., a Fortune 500 Infrastructure Company based in Nashik. In his role, he handles a spectrum of legal matters, including Insurance Laws, Arbitration, Industrial and Labour laws.
Adv Shirish Gadge sir’s approach to legal matters is characterized by meticulous assessment, strategic planning, and precise reporting. As a legal luminary, he excels in monitoring legal cases, advising advocates, and administering the legal department.

District & Sessions Judge Years (January 2008 – August 2016)

In his role as District & Sessions Judge, Shirish Gadge adjudicated civil, criminal, and labour cases, demonstrating exceptional administrative skills. He acted as the Administrative head, overseeing a team of over 150 employees, and played a key role in the legal service authority.
In summary, Advocate Shirish Gadge is a trusted advisor, an excellent team manager, a result-oriented leader, and a trained mediator. His expertise spans legal issues resolution, industrial disputes, and alternate dispute resolution methods. He is known for his strategic planning, relationship management skills, and proficiency in communication with top management, government officials, clients, litigants, and colleagues.
Mr. Shirish Gadge is not merely a legal professional; he is a beacon of excellence in the legal realm, contributing significantly to the evolution of lawand justice in India.